The multiverse of metaverses you have been waiting for.

The platform and framework based on GODOT engine and Multi Analysis PrObe Drone to create metaverses for Anthropology, Archaeology and Cultural Heritage.

Project based on an idea of Roberto Taglioretti with the contributions of this community and built using FLOSS.

Sonda Mapod


Roberto Taglioretti (totrebor) - Projects developer

Project Founders

Roberto Taglioretti (totrebor) - Projects developer

Alessandra Mazzucchi - Anthropologist

Serenella Saccon - Legal expert


Filippo Di Marco (hershellayton95) - Naturalist (dev manager)

Davide Carraro (DavoDovox) - Student (dev junior)

Viktory Taglioretti (Viky) - Student (dev junior)


Antonella Cristiani - Archeologist and artist

Edoardo Olmo Puricelli - Archeologist and artist

Ernesto Ferri - Drone pilot and technician

Giovanni Taglioretti (Giannino) - Volunteer

Marco Schintu - X-ray technician and veterinarian

Paolo Alemani - Technician

Sofia Mondo - Student

Valentina Galli - Archeologist


ArcheOs Tec di Alessandra Mazzucchi

Progettosl - LEICON di Serenella Saccon